Digital patient monitoring for primary care

Co-Medic offers general practitioners and primary care workers a digital tool that allows for efficient patient follow-up. By bringing together health professionals around a flexible digital record, primary care practices gain a complete overview of their patient's health status.

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An integrated healthcare environment

The digital record connects healthcare providers across disciplines, practices and care-levels. Protocolized and patient-centered communication ensures efficient multidisciplinary care.

The patient as a care partner

Through specific teaching of health competences and disease education, patients and their environment are empowered to assist in their own care.

Efficient patient monitoring

The current patient record is complemented by a dynamic layer that allows patients and providers to share health parameters. By integrating multiple data streams into a patient-centered information system, primary care practices maintain a simple overview of the health data of their patient population.

Standardized monitoring

Through collaboration with academia, quality questionnaires are developed. In addition, practices are given the opportunity to collaborate to develop protocols and share them with colleagues.

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