Co-Medic Selected for CrossCare 2.0

Co-Medic Selected for CrossCare 2.0

We are pleased to announce that Co-Medic has been selected to participate in the CrossCare 2.0 project. During this project, Co-Medic will be tested in a Flemish and Dutch care trial garden. In Flanders, Co-Medic is working closely with the Eerstelijnszone Brugge and POM West-Vlaanderen towards a pilot project in a dozen Bruges primary care practices. Through this collaboration, we expect to demonstrate the added value of Co-Medic for primary care practices. In the Netherlands, Co-Medic will work with CIC West-Brabant to conduct an in-depth market study to better map its potential in the Dutch market.

We look forward to the impact this project will have on healthcare in the border region and are committed to continuing our mission: to deliver efficient data solutions for more efficient and effective primary care.

This project receives financial support from the European Union (Interreg) and the Dutch national government.

About CrossCare 2.0

Through CrossCare 2.0, Europe supports eight Flemish and Dutch care living labs for the development of new care innovations. It is the successor to the successful CrossCare project (2016-2021) where 30 care innovations were supported in Flemish and Dutch care living labs.

On the one hand, companies/healthcare organizations developing innovations can receive financial support from the 'CrossCare Innovation Fund'. This support can amount up to €100,000 per organization. On the other hand, care living labs on both sides of the border also support the selected companies/care organizations by demonstrating/testing/evaluating innovations with end users. The care living labs are experts in cocreation and live testing with care users and care professionals in their own living and working environment. They are providing that expertise for free in this project.

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